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I love to throw these lures with my G-Loomis


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I love to throw these lures with my G-Loomis

Who would have thought about this - all those many years ago - when we were young, freshly out of school, starting our work careers, trying to discover who we might actually be or might want to become - that someday we might be able to sell our products in a virtual store, a store that existed only in a box on our desk, yet anyone around the world could view it?!  
Well, here I am, somehow taking pictures on a camera with no film, transferring those pictures magically into the box on my desk, then moving those pictures into a file located on my virtual store.  Incredible - how many of us simply take that for granted now?  What's perhaps more amazing is that someone else, or more correctly anyone else that can find my website, can look at those pictures, decide to buy, push some buttons to pay for their purchase, and have their purchase shipped to them - never having to leave their home!   Whoda thunk?
Such are my thoughts as I post to my first blog ever on a website. Oh, I've been involved with several websites in the past decade or so - but in setting this website up, adding Paypal buttons, optimizing  and whatever else I did  - and finding that I had a "blog" page where I could write and hope for interaction from others?  Well, it's made me think I should stop thinking and writing and simply go fishing - but it's winter time.  So what's a guy to do?
Seriously, I hope you find this website enjoyable.  I've started making fishing lures as a hobby, and found I really enjoyed designing and making the lures.  My first problem to solve - I was making way more lures than I could use or give away.  So, I started selling some at Saturday Markets, and found that some other people actually wanted to buy my fishing lures!  More amazing is that people came back to buy more of my fishing lures!   So I started making more and more lures - and found I needed to start this virtual store to make it easier for people to order from me.  All I needed was a long Thanksgiving weekend, and too much snow to get off the hill, and I found the time to get started on it. 
So here I am, writing my first ever blog comments, trying to share some of that humor that my wife insists only exists in my mind.  I hope that many of you take the time to say hello and share your thoughts.  Please let me know what you think, what might need to be different, how many fish you've caught with these lures - or anything on your fishing-mind worthy of blogging.   It is fun to hear from customers - I remember one of my repeat customers coming to buy some more salmon lures - when he told me he had caught 3 Silvers one afternoon on one of my salmon lures! - well, there's a reason people like to tell fishing stories - because people like to hear them!  So welcome to my blog, I look forward to hearing from you!
One other neat thing - I just have to share this - when you do a spell check on your own blog, and a word comes up that doesn't exist - like blogging - well, you can push a button and add it to your dictionary - and it becomes a word!  Isn't this technology great . . . . .
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