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Welcome to our website!
At KurtzCraft Company our goal is to provide you with the quality products you need - sharing the things we enjoy doing the most.  We manufacture and supply a multitude of Fishing Lures, a number of Woodworking Items, along with Hand-Crafted Jewelry Products through Kurtz Crystals.  Please visit our different web-pages to view all the products we offer.     
Fishing Lures:
I've been making Fishing Lures for several years now - a hobby that turned into a business.  It's been a couple of years since I've updated this website - I'm currently in the process of updating the information to show my current items.  
I've been involved with woodworking since the 70's.  Cabinets, Furniture, Banisters,  Moldings, Mantles, Reproductions, Boats, Cider Presses - as you can imagine, this list can go on and on.  If you're looking for something unique or of quality - from real wood - then I encourage you to contact us. Check out our woodworking page for a few pictures of different products we offer. 
Like the Fishing Lure business, our Jewelry business has grown from a hobby into a small business.  The main person behind this business is my wife, Lindy - however other members of our family contribute from time to time.  Her company name is Kurtz Crystals, and I've provided a link to her website. You'll even find some of her
items on this website - but I suggest you take a look at the Kurtz Crystals site for a better idea of what is offered.
Online Ordering:
Our items are each set up with an option to be purchased using our Paypal checkout system.  Please note that you do not need to have a Paypal account to use our system - at some point during the checkout process you'll have the opportunity to securely enter your credit card information - or use your Paypal account, whichever you prefer. 
This Website
 . . . . is constantly under construction or is constantly being changed - or so it seems.  I welcome your comments and input - please feel free to email me at kurtzcraft@gmail.com with any input you might have.  I look forward to hearing from you!
Thanks for visiting our website - we hope you enjoy our quality hand-crafted items!
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